About this place and author

Hello, my name is Leonid.

I am an engineer/researcher/designer working as the head of the spacecraft protection testing and space debris laboratory.

When performing tasks at work and in personal hobbies, first, I like to understand the theory of the issue thoroughly. This approach opens up many possible ways to achieve the goal. Throughout my life, work, and hobbies, I gained knowledge and skills in the most diverse range: from designing rocket engines to cooking, from circuitry to project management. And the most beautiful thing is that these skills did not appear spontaneously but flowed one from the other, remaining connected. Who would have imagined that by combining knowledge from the field of chemical reactions with the testing of spacecraft protection from orbital debris, you could get a recipe for instant popcorn in shock waves?

This site is where I share my knowledge, discoveries and inventions. I hope this will help someone find the right direction in their research and someone just finds it interesting!

You can always reach me on Telegram.